About Us

At Remote Tech Jobs, we know remote work is the dream for many tech professionals and a problem solver for many companies. Our mission is to connect these two groups and make remote jobs more prevalent.

Why we’re passionate about remote jobs:

  • Because we’re a fully remote company (And we’ll never go back!)
  • Because they unite employees and employers who are perfect for each other but not necessarily near each other
  • Because they’re associated with lower employee turnover
  • Because they do away with tedious commutes that produce harmful emissions
  • Because they save companies money on office space, utilities, furniture and more
  • Because they protect workers from illness outbreaks
  • Because they allow introverts to thrive
  • Because they’re the future — By 2028, roughly a third of workers are expected to be fully remote.

Sources: Owl Labs and Upwork

Who we are:

We share our team with our parent company, Custody X Change, which offers an online tool for separated parents. You can read our bios on the Custody X Change site.

We’re headquartered in Utah, but we don’t have a company office. Our team works from home across the western hemisphere, from southeastern Brazil to the northeastern U.S.

Because each of us at Remote Tech Jobs knows the satisfaction and success remote work can bring, we’re committed to bringing the opportunity to professionals and organizations around the globe.

Why you’ll find a job here quickly:

  • We aggregate jobs from 11 boards (Indeed, WeWorkRemotely, Remotive, etc.) so you only have to visit one site.
  • We let you search by the technologies you specialize in.
  • We sort positions into helpful categories.
  • We deal only with remote jobs so you don't have to wade through ones with commutes.
  • We offer daily emails about new openings, plus an RSS feed.