Software Technical Lead (FE)

Published date Posted on RemotiveIO on Nov 22, 2022 (10 d ago)

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Company Description

Hello, we areEdify, one of the highest-rankedIT companies in Costa Rica and Central America according toGreat Place to Work .

We're a consolidated technology services consulting firm specializing in education technology. We deliver unbelievably creative and rock-solid solutions for a wide range of clients, including major corporations, startups, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

At Edify we believe that bored employees make boring products.Here, there's no such thing. We help our clients design, build and run some of the most interesting ventures in the industry while promoting a warm, friendly and cooperative culture. Work and life should definitely be buddies, so we're serious about cultivating a great work environment.

Job Description

In charge of leading the development work team and making technical contributions to the development of projects. In addition, is responsible for ensuring that the needs of the client and the organization are met by establishing a fluid and continuous communication, implementing best practices and ensuring the fulfillment of the established development process, without neglecting the concept of continuous improvement and the constant professional development of the people he leads.



Identify and meet the information needs of both stakeholders and team members.
Ensure that the team works on the development of the deliverables required for the project with the expected quality.
Ensure that the equipment keeps the code tests up to date with the changes made by the developed components.
Determine data storage, processing and transmission needs according to analyzed requirements.
Ensure that the equipment meets agreed development standards and processes.
Analyze the high-level requirements of the project and collaborate in the definition and analysis of the specific requirements.
Along with the rest of the team, define the development process.
Coordinate with the person in charge of architecture or practice leader the definition of development standards based on design principles and best practices to ensure the fulfillment of non-functional requirements of quality, efficiency and maintainability.
Perform knowledge transfer to other members of the project team and client vendors.
Lead the analysis of defects in the system to find their causes and correct them.
Lead the process of analysis of project requirements.
Determine data storage, processing and transmission needs according to analyzed requirements.
Design and implement unit, integration and system testing.
Direct the design of software components integrated into the system under construction or maintenance that implement the analyzed requirements.
Participate in the implementation of these components.
Lead and participate in estimating the effort needed to implement the analyzed requirements.
Direct and implement the integration of developed components with the rest of the system (Front End Back End integration, APIs).
Be a reference for the team in peer review of the code of their teammates (peer review).
Define and follow processes and standards for handling code in repositories.
Verify the fulfillment of the requirements and the correct functioning of the components developed as specified.


Advanced knowledge of at least two of the following languages: Java, Javascript, Kotlinm Python, Golang, C#, Ruby, PHP.
Knowledge of CSS and processors such as SASS/LESS
Advanced knowledge of markup languages: HTML, XML, JSON, YAML.
Git Source Control tools.
Dependency management tools such as NPM, Yarn, Maven, Gradle.
Knowledge of CSS and processors such as SASS/LESS
At least two years of experience with NodeJs, NextJS, React, React testing library
Build Managers such as Webpack,
Tools for managing continuous integration processes such as Travis, Jenkins and CircleCI.
Code management processes in repositories such as GitFlow and GitHub Flow.
Virtualization and Containerization. (Desirable)
Experience in cloud computing and its services (AWS, Azure, GCP).


Advanced knowledge of:

Paradigms of object-oriented, functional, procedural and asynchronous programming.
Software engineering processes (development cycle and quality control).
Participation in agile software development methodologies: SCRUM, Kanban, among others.
Software quality assurance (unit and integration testing).
Design patterns.
Best development practices to ensure efficiency, quality and maintainability.
Best practices and mechanisms for deployment.
Security, authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Integration of services and software components.
Error handling.
Internationalization and accessibility.
Responsive Design.
Real-time data management.
Configuration management.
Experience with systems based on micro services.
Processes / background / jobs / competition / Messaging (queues, bus, subscriber).
Documentation (design diagrams, README. md, API, wiki, etc. )Requirements

Technician or Baccalaureate in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and related, or equivalent level of knowledge demonstrated.
Certification of Scrum Fundamentals. (desirable)

Technical and conversational English level C1 according to the Common European Framework.

Minimum 5 years of experience in software engineering (at least one year as Senior Developer)
2 years of experience leading software projects.

Additional Information


  • WFH all week
  • Very flexible schedule (objectives are what actually matters)
  • Annual education benefit that can be used for courses, books, certifications, etc.
  • Career path program
  • Digital nomad policy
  • Monthly internet subsidy
  • Work anywhere in Costa Rica with our flexible Remote Work Policy.
  • Private health/life insurance (100% subsidy for you, 50% subsidy for your spouse/children)
  • Annual optical bonus
  • Special time-off licenses marriage, bereavement, and minor sickness (that may not require a CCSS incapacity).
  • Referral Bonus Program
  • Culture of acting with integrity
  • Culture of knowledge sharing
  • Wellbeing Manager, we care about your psychological wellbeing, personal health, and financial matters.

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